The electrical system is refurbished. The Delco 10DN alternator needs brushes resoldered, the solid state voltage regulator gets hidden in a factory original case, date codes for the stater and alternator are explained, and the horns are refurbished.

My wiper motor that had long been on the shelf gets cosmetically and mechanically restored. I had removed the end of the motor years ago to clean it, not knowing that the brushes would fly out. See a really old beetle in a place it shouldn't be, and learn how to adjust endplay. This includes the installation of a Dorman 54000 Washer Pump Repair Kit.

In episode 7, things related to the transmission are brought up to snuff. This include the transmissions mount, shift lever bushing, frame bushing, cleaning and testing the kick down switch, and testing the solenoid in the transmission. The unit is a 3 speed TH400, called an ST400 in a Buick.