Frontal Wrecks

1964 Buick Wildcat in Louisville, KY. This had a real nice interior with a rare-to-Wildcat rear seat cigar lighter.

Left: Check out the steering wheel and the dashboard. I'd bet a kneecap hit right under the ignition switch. Combined with how the steering wheel is bent, that had to hurt. Right: The radiator is pushed into the engine.

1964 Buick LeSabre in Alabama
wrecked 1964 LeSabre

wrecked 1964 LeSabre


1963 LeSabre

1964 Wildcat Convertible; rear-ended another vehicle

1964 Buick Wildcat; front bumper damage, Atlanta, GA

1964 LeSabre Sedan; Illinois, front passenger side damage

1964 Buick LeSabre; in Canada