Sherman's History Timeline

FEBRUARY 28 1964            

The Wildcat begins life the days around February 28, 1964, in Wilmington, Delaware as Job # 301. Shipped to Fields Buick, Inc., 5323 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, MD as order #1233. 17,519 four door Wildcat hardtops were produced that year.  

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APRIL 7 1964 

A married couple, the husband aged 71 and wife aged 73, receive a MD title for the Wildcat. They lived in Chevy Chase, MD. No MSO or Lien recorded.

JUNE 1971

The wife, age 80, passes away.

JANUARY 27 1972

The 78 year old owner applies for new title after his wife’s death because on the title their names were listed with an “and” making them co-owners. If listed with an “or” it would not have been a problem.  


The 80 year old husband passes away.

There is a five-year gap in records from January 1972 to October 1977. I suspect during this time the couple moved back to D.C. where they had spent some of their life. WI released some useful information, but DC will only give me information if I can come up with a title number, which I can only come up with if I have a driver's license number, which cannot be released to me under the DPPA.

WI:  DC:

OCTOBER 14 1977

My father's Air Force buddy is issued a WI title for the Wildcat.

Sometime between dealer purchase and my father's Air Force buddy's purchase, the Wildcat is involved in accident that crumples driver rear quarter panel. It is believed accident involved a Toyota pickup truck.

 MAY 15 1978

My father's Air Force buddy sells the Wildcat to my father for the sum of $100 in Price George’s County, Maryland. Mileage is written in at 83,286, but true miles unknown.

MAY 18 1978

My father applies for Tennessee title of the Wildcat. After all fees were considered, it cost $28.50 to tag and title the Wildcat. Car is dubbed “Sherman” after it’s massive size, a comparison to the Sherman tank.


Car makes its way to the Philippine Islands as my father is in Air Force.


Car makes it way back from the Philippine Islands and serves the family well in South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.
Kids on 1964 Wildcat

JANUARY 17 1998


After a long period of sitting in my father's backyard because of a problem with the mounting surface of the water pump, Sherman is towed away to a local auto salvage company.

MAY 14 2004

Same tow truck operator than removed Wildcat from my father's residence delivered it to mine.

AUGUST 29 2004

Sherman cranks for first time after junkyard storage.


After more than ten years, Sherman moves under his own power. Reassembly of front of engine was completed 11-4-04, with a new timing chain, cam sprocket, belts, and heater hoses. Original water pump and fuel pump were still good.

JANUARY 22 2005

Sherman is driven on public road under his own power for the first time since the 90s.

JUNE 2005

The start of Sherman's cosmetic restoration. bodyshop #1 puts roof in primer.

FEB 2006

Driver rear door replaced with refinished one from parts car.

JUNE 2006
Driver's side rear fender replacement gets off the ground with bodyshop #1 cutting off damaged fender.

DEC 2006
After six months of no progress from bodyshop #1 since they cut the fender off and many broken promises Sherman is towed back home.

JULY 2007
After a lot of searching looking for a shop that would handle a 40-something year old car missing a rear fender and needing replacement I ran across the advertising page at a local car show for a Corvette restoration shop about 50 miles away that had a welder that was the first that didn't turn and run after seeing pictures. In less that one month's time the replacement rear fender was welded on. It came to light that bodyshop #1 improperly cut through through all the layers of the C pillar causing a more expensive repair at the restoration shop.

AUG 2008
After more searching found bodyshop #2. Rear fender that was replaced gets filler and in primer. The three year fender journey is done!

NOV 2009
The front fenders, hood, and cowl are blasted, refinished, and primed at bodyshop #2.

OCT 2012
The car is dropped off at bodyshop #2. The doors are removed for blasting and a hole in the dogleg section of the passenger rear of the car is repaired.

NOV 2012
The car is brought back to my house for safekeeping while the doors are blasted (3rd party), refinished, and primed.

FEB 2013
The car is returned to the bodyshop for the refinished doors to be hung and the rocker panels on each side to be refinished. The driver's side doors are off the parts car, the passenger side doors are original.

MAR 2013
The passenger rear fender is sanded, refinished, and primed. With the previous work done, the car is now in purple primer from the front fenders to the rear quarter panels. Work is starting on the trunk lid.


Longest trip to date: 49.3 miles one way.

MAY 14 2014
will be the ten year anniversary of receiving the Wildcat. The goal is to have the whole car in primer. At this writing in 2013 all that is left is the trunk lid, rear sail panel, trunk filler panel where the trunk key goes, and roof (again).