This trip got the roof sanded again and in PPG purple primer along with the panel between the rear window and trunk, the trunk lip fixed and refinished, and the panel between the taillights. While the roof was actually the first thing on the car I ever got fixed, a few things happened that made me pay to get it done all over again. The most over-riding factor was that since I've been using body shop "B" since 2008 (after I fired the first one) and they will eventually paint the car, all the primer needed to be their brand of prefence so that I have a new paint warranty. I've read advice not to be a junior chemist, and to stick with one paint system. In addition, the crack I paid to fix in the passenger side A pillar returned, and I found the only repair had been body filler over the original crack right on top of rusty metal. 

The crack, as it was "in the wild", followed by body shop A's repair, followed by it cracking again and me digging it out, and finally body shop B's repair.