Utilizing some factory connectors that came with a different eBay purchase I made I was able to integrate a SignalStat Flarestat emergency flasher system on the Wildcat. The holes in the dash access panel were left over from a previous fog lamp switch and a button to make the hot light come on for a bulb check. The original ignition switch had been replaced during that time with one that didn't make the hot light illuminate when passing to the start position.

Below is the right dash access plate with the previous holes.

I enlarged the hole on the left, which was for a fog light switch, large enough to handle the flarestat knob. I enlarged the hole on the right which had previously held a light to test the hot light to hold a fuseholder.

Below is the packaged installation. To the left is an aftermarket flasher, center is the Flarestat, and right is the fuseholder. The flarestate wiring is soldered and heat shrinked to factory connectors.

Below is the interface to the neutral safety swtich.

Finished product.

As I researched a place to bring the wiring, there were a few unused fuses I could have used, but it would have involved cutting the original wiring. I settled on taking the wire all the way to the always on portion of the fusebox.

Finished product: