This chapter finds us back at the body shop for the goal of getting all four doors blasted, fixed, prepped, and primed. It will make a milestone of getting the driver's side in primer from the fender to the rear quarter panel if I can get the rocker done as well. Here is Sherman with no doors:

Below is a hole in the passenger side rocket which was the first thing fixed by the body shop. The picture at left shows a "hunk of car" I bought in 2010 for around $100 to have a patch panel on hand for.

Below are all four doors as they came back from the blaster's. The driver's side doors are all of the parts car as the originals were wrecked, and both passenger side doors are original to the car.

Here is the driver's side door as delivered to the body shop. I have no clue as to why there was so much filler on the door from a previous repair.

Door cleaned up good except for the rot at the bottom right.


Below is the driver's side rear door as it came from the parts car. 

I actually paid around $300 back in 2006 to have it professionally repaired and put in primer at another shop than my current one. It looked good for a number of years, and then rust started dripping out the holes for the trim at the bottom.

Because of the dripping rust and since body shop #2 will be painting the whole car, I decided to pay to have it stripped again, fixed properly, and with primer that is chemically compatible with what the shop is using. If you look at the bottom right, you'll notice even though I paid for repair the previous body shop cut corners and just slathered filler over the swiss cheese.


Below is the passenger side front door original to the car.

The original cleaned up well.

Inside. A little swiss cheese at the bottom and right bottom.

Here is the original passenger rear.

This is after the body shop sanded it to get a good base line to compare it to a parts car door I had. The original door won.

After blasting.

Inside: swiss cheese at the bottom but as expected.