After I had the bug to put the new carpet in the door panels were screaming how ugly they were at me. Luckily, about 5 years ago I happened on to a person that had all the door panels except the driver's side that matched my interior. They were out of a power window car, but interesting tidbit is that the power window switch went in the same round hole the manual crank did.

Below is the passenger side front door panel.

Below is the splash shield in the inner door. Buick used an impregnated paper. As the drain holes in the bottom of the door got clogged up water would sit in the door. 

Paper removed. Make note of where the springs are.

Old vs. new(er)

I replaced the paper with 6 mil plastic.

Cord weatherstrip available from any home improvement store is nearly spot on for what they used to seal the original paper.

Bead of caulk all around, ready for plastic.

Plastic installed.

New door panel installed. Staining by exit latch wouldn't come off.

The arm rests don't align panel to panel. I'm guessing the holes were not pre-drilled in the door metal and they were drilled on the line.

One down, three to go.

Driver's side front, rinse and repeat. This is before my doors were blasted and refinished so it is white as it came off the parts car.

Once again armrest hole location are different car to car.

Passenger rear.

Pine needles helped clog the drains holding water.

Bucket O' gunk from inside the door.

Driver's side rear door original panel.

Newer panel.


Semi-finished product. I thought this was the time to put on new door knob locks.

These are the ones I grew up with- not original- these are safety/anti lock pick.

I went back with factory original style. I couldn't find any in fawn, the color of my interior, so I went with medium brown from Classic Buicks.

From packaging.

After a few coats of a lighter vinyl dye I had on hand.

Looks good to me.