Archived Restoration Logs

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Heater Core Replacement Jan 08

Front Speaker Replacement Feb 08

Hidden tach and gauges May 07

Rear fender completely replaced Jun 07

Rear fender almost complete Jun 07

The rear fender replacement gets off the ground... again Jun 07

Door Switch Rebuilding or Aftermarket Switch Modification Jan 07

Rear Fender December- You're fired! Dec 06

Sandblasted Fender Dec 06

Rear Fender Update Oct 06

Rear fender replacement part 2.5 Jun 06

Rear fender replacement part two Jun 06

Rear fender replacement part one Jun 06

Driver rear door replacement Feb 06

Suction Throttle Valve rebuild (STV) Feb 06

Air conditioning system passenger compartment Jan 06

New idiot light lenses and ignition switch Dec 05 Jan 06

Air conditioning system under hood Oct 05

Sanding and priming of the rusty roof June 05

Driveshaft Center Bearing Support Jan 05

Engine Oct 04

Interior May 04