Buick itself did not produce any cars outside of their sedans, hardtops, convertibles, and wagons. For professional cars, which is what Limos, Hearses, and Ambulances are called, separate companies bought car chassis directly from Buick and outfitted them for their needs. I know of no Limos every being produced from a 1964 Buick, but I know there were a few Ambulances and Hearses. The Flxible company was the largest producer of Buick professional cars. The company, based in Loudonville, Ohio, made these vehicles from 1926 through 1964 (my favorite Buick year). Below are some pictures I have found of Buick professional cars during my travels on the internet.

The car below is described as a Flxette model built on a standard LeSabre chassis, whereas a Flxible "Premiere" was built on an extended chassis. It is said it started life for the first 26 years at a Funeral Home in Santa Barbara, CA as a "first call vehicle." It was put on eBay, but did not hit the reserve with bidding ending at $2025.

Notice the radio delete plate and lack of air conditioning. There are also no seatbelts in the front.

Everything looks factory in the engine compartment except what looks to be a data plate (highlighted).

This is described as a "1964 Buick National Minuteman Ambulance". It appears to be located in California. Note the lack of optional cornering lamps.

This is described as a 1964 Flxible Premiere Combination. One of 88 built. It now has a happy home in Tulsa, OK and is being restored.

This is a 1964 Flxible at a car show
Owners face removed for privacy

This is a picture of a "Cruis-Aider" conversion from a 1964 brochure from the Christopher Company, New York, NY. I have never seen one of these outside of this brochure. Note the lack of cornering lamps.

1964 Flxible factory photo

1964 Flxible factory photo

1964 Flxible factory photo

Above: 1963 Flxible Hearse. Was a Grant County Oregon Hearse until around 1982. Seller states it was "originally purchased in John Day Oregon in 1962 as a Station Wagon, and shipped to [Flxible] to be converted into a hearse." Back door has a handle on each side and can be opened either way. Reserve not met at around $330.00.

Be sure to check out the Amblewagon page for a look at a company that advertised making low-cost Professional Cars by outfitting production Buicks with the needed equipment and not making any body modifications.