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What is a Wildcat?

The story behind my Wildcat

Finding Sherman

Restoration logs

Trunk body repair Oct 2016 - Dec 2017

Side project: Third Gulf gas pump, ETA-2 Feb 2017-

Side project: Second Gulf gas pump Nov 2016-Jan 2017

Side project: Gulf gas pump Aug-Oct 2016

New battery and battery topper Apr 2016

Dual Master Cylinder conversion Sep 2015

Fuel pump Jul 2015

Roof (again) and back of car May 2015

Emergency/Hazard flasher lights May 2013

Doors and trunk in primer Apr 2013

Body shop update Mar 2013

Track Bar Bushings Dec 2012

Dog leg hole and doors blasted Nov 2012

Water pump Sep 2012

Repairing glovebox and adding trunk release April 2012

Door panels and door lock knobs Oct 2011

New carpet and parts car seats Sep 2011

Hanging of the grille and bumper; milestone recap Jun 2010

Installing coolant filter May 2010

Hanging of the fenders and hood May 2010

Front of car under structure painting Apr 2010

Firewall and cowl painting Mar 2010

Replacing anti-sway bar end links Jan 2010

Back up light delete January 10

Front of car under structure removal Nov 2009

Getting the front fenders, hood, and cowl refinished Nov 2009

Finding treasure Nov 2009

Media blasting front fenders, hood, and cowl Oct 2009

Speedometer and cable
Apr 2009

Rear fender finished and in primer; milestone recap Jun 2008

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Retail Pricing

What they cost new in '64

Window Stickers

A/C diagrams, chassis wiring diagram

Body Manual front door instructions

Sherman's history timeline

Fields Buick Hyattsville, MD

Sherman's broadcast sheet and trim tag


Wreck pictures


Police Package
Colors & Wheels
Wagon Brochure

GM Gives More for '64
Engineer Approved Accessories
Competitive Price Comparisons
Factory-approved towing equipment
Trailer Testing the 1964 Buicks
1964 Buick Press Release

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