Gulf gas pumps of the 60s-80s

This page highlights my restoration of a Southwest Pump Company G.O.C. (Gulf Oil Company) ETA-1 and provides some documentation I've found along the way. This page includes Southwest ETA-1, ETA-2, 52-1, 52-1-PC, 1-RC, and GOC-T-1 pumps, as well as Erie ETA-1-129-22 and 128. I've also included information on OPW-1 nozzles, and Veeder Root computers and electric resets. I'm interested in documenting any information about this pump series that share an identical look stylized by a top that looks like similar to a TV, a frame that narrows to the bottom, and stainless panels on each side. So far, I've seen installation dates on these pump ranging from 6/65-8/82 and manufactures indicated above. If you can help with any information, you can find my e-mail address on the front page at

My ETA-1
Before and after restoration:

 My pump started life as a Gulf Oil Company Pump and has a stamped "installation" date of 1977. The earliest pump I've seen in this style is below and has an installation date of May of 1965. My pump came from a Gulf then BP Distributor in a Southern state and was in service until at least 2001. My pump came without hose or nozzle. I installed an OPW-1A nozzle which carries the date 07 69 and a used Parker gas hose. New polycarbonate was installed on each side to protect the computer dials. One plastic light diffuser was missing and was replaced with the same polycarbonate and a piece of opaque window film. The Veeder Root 2002E computer runs via a 12 volt drill in the base and is good for gas prices to $2.99. The computer was cleaned and required two resets discs to replace broken ones that prevented the numbers from returning to zero.

See this color scheme on period pumps and signage (link)

Other examples of Southwest ETA-1s/52-1s/52-1-PC/1RC/GOC-T-1s from around the web

1)User Infrogmation, 2)photobucket, 3-4) eBay via WorthPoint 5)User "The Upstairs Room" flickr, 6) member davidwski, 7-8)eBay, 9-10) 10) Pinterest user "suzanneprickett" Old Chevron Gas Station, Evant, TX 11) 1981 Dealer news, eBay 12) Google streetview, Old Gulf station, Scottsboro, AL 13) Telegraph Texas,

Erie ETA-1-129-2

Personal collection

1-RC Pump
Note that this has the body style of the above pumps, but a non-standard reset handle, gas nozzle cover, some sort of bracket, and what looks like a mount for a globe on top. In addition it looks like a gas hose comes out, and then goes into some sort of gas body to turn back upwards.

This is another model marked as 1-RC, however note it looks like those further up the page:

Both eBay

GOC-T-1 Pump
Note this pump has cutouts for each section of numbers instead of for a whole plate, and a different reset lever that seems to double as the handle rest. 

1-2) User "dodgeman60" forum, 3) User Iceman (not directly identified as a GOC-T-1, but has same unique computer cutouts)

Interesting variations
Picture 1 shows a pump that is installed right beside pump 3 above but has a very narrow opening for the computer cutout. Note also the front lower access panel may have been stainless instead of painted. Picture 2 shows a pump that has a black faceplate for the computer. Picture 3 shows another pump with the aluminum surround chrome plated; I don't think a globe was factory on this pump. It is described as a Gulf "T" pump.
1)User "The Upstairs Room" flickr, 2)User "Ginger" flickr, 3)Anniston Pump Shop, 

ETA-2 pump
Two pumps side by side in same housing

1979 Model ETA-2, Type GOC, Serial 26xxx

Described as a 1975 Southwest gas pump.

1) ImageShack, 2) YouTube: 3-4)User "Carguy68" forum 5,6,7) eBay via Worthpoint 8) flick user E.W. Hodel, Greenville, TX, 9), Plymouth, PA

ETA-1s in action

Linthicum Maryland, 1971

South Loop East, Houston Texas, "gasless Sunday" December 1973
Houston Chronicle

New York, New York, December 23, 1973
Associated Press

7th Street and Glendale, Phoenix, Arizona, Early 1970s
Historical images of Phoenix, Arizona, Google+

San Antonio, July 1987
User "Jeff Lonto", flickr

VR-10 Computer Service Manual: Still has relevant information for 2002E

VR-10 Computer Parts Manual
Veeder Root Series 7269 and 7680 Electric Reset (Excepted from a Bennett manual)
OPW No. 1 Fil-O-Matic Nozzle Installation and Operating Information Bulletin SI-1RE (This a PDF of eBay pictures, please excuse the quality)

Replacing the reset disks in the Veeder Root 2002E computer:

Electric reset in action:

Drill and motor control making the computer count:

Mechanical computer running where the drive mechanism can be seen: