November 2016-January 2017 Project: 2nd Southwest GOC ETA-1 restoration

Before and after. This pump came from Tennessee and was used in the past to pump Diesel and then Kerosene.

Step one, decals come off to reveal even more decals. You can also see on the back pump door they had cut and folded back the metal at the bottom to allow a pipe to an aboveground tank. This was welded closed.

It looks like at one point this pump was backed in to. I had to remove the top and carefully work the metal with a variety of methods until it was square again. It was then painted.

Progress shots/showing the internals.

To fix the missing or cracked plastic, I use Optix plastic from the home center. Once it is cut, I use cord weatherstip to attach.

I use Bar Keepers Friend to get rust and other nasties off the stainless.

My other ETA-1 doesn't have a terminal strip. This one does.

I wire my pumps up to be able to run the computer to make them count off drill motors.