The story behind my Wildcat

Sherman, Circa 1979

As a child, my mother drove a 1964 Buick Wildcat. It was dubbed "Sherman" sometime in its early life because it was as big as a Sherman tank. I have many fond memories remembered from my car seat in the back of that big old Buick.

Outside of the sentimental reasons for owning a Wildcat, I always liked the look inside and out of the car. The car has fins, not large like a Cadillac, but about 4 inches high at their longest. I also liked the gauge pod. Wildcat's have two large, round pods. One houses the speedometer, the other the oil, brake, and temperature lights and fuel gauge. I also loved the Air Conditioning controls. It has a knob you spinned for the type of climate control, and levels that went front to back for speeds and temperature.

My Brother and I washing Sherman, circa 1980's

I grew up in Sherman, playing with the spring poking out of the rear of the driver's seat; loving the neat airplane-style seatbelts, and above all, enjoying my childhood.


Sometime after 1988, Sherman's water pump began leaking one afternoon. My dad went to replace it. About three bolts snapped off, two of the three in the aluminum timing cover, one in the block. My dad then used a screw extractor to attempt to remove the bolts, and it broke off. Disgusted, he drove the car into the back yard, where it sat until 1998.

Sherman in the snow, circa 1990's

In 1998, after using the car's trunk as a gasoline locker, my dad had Sherman hauled off.


I basically forgot about Sherman. I grew up, went to college, and came home. I even bought a 1964 LeSabre. Then I got a tip Sherman still existed....