What is a Wildcat?

2 door hardtop

 A Buick Wildcat is a full sized car made during the 60s and 70s. The Wildcat's of the 60's era featured either a 401 cubic inch or 425 cubic inch V8 motor. They also featured an optional factory 2-4 bbl intake manifold. The Wildcat of 1964 shared the same wheelbase and frame as the Electra and the LeSabre. The Electra was a leather-clad luxury-type sedan, while the LeSabre was aimed toward value conscious consumers with its low price and smaller 300 cubic inch motor.

4 door hardtop

In 1964 Buick made 17,519 four door hardtop Wildcats. Phased out due to safety concerns, hardtops enabled both back and front windows to be rolled down with nothing between them. It gave the car a clean look, with a large window opening.

The Wildcat also came in a sedan "post" model. It outsold the hardtop. People probably assumed it was safer. It did have less wind noise as it sealed better than a hardtop.


The Wildcat was squarely aimed at customers who wanted a sporty car, but wanted a full size Buick. Wildcat's came with a laundry list of options such as wheels, A/C, cruise, tachometer, console, bucket seats, power door locks, power trunk release, power windows, and a host of others.


Wildcats were made in two door, four door, hardtop, and convertible configurations. (The station wagons of 1964 were branded LeSabres, but built on the Wildcat's 4600 series platform with available Wildcat options).

Flxible Ambulance

Flxible Hearse

As an interesting side note that is not about the Wildcat, some 1964 Electras were converted by the Flxible company for professional cars. See more of these cars on my Professional Cars page.