Finding Sherman


Many years had passed since Sherman was hauled away. I had made my way through college and into my career when the Buick bug bit. Someone at the office next door bought a Yellow 1964 Buick LeSabre, and then parked it right in front of my office window on the days they drove it.

The days I saw that car, it brought back all the memories. With that car as motivation, and a little cash, I set out to acquire my own Fullsize Buick. Because Wildcat's I were finding at the time were priced out of my league (which I look back on and chuckle knowing what I will spend restoring Sherman), I settled for a LeSabre. The LeSabre was priced right, and even though I wanted a Wildcat, the LeSabre fit me at the time.

I owned the LeSabre for a few years and while talking to my mother one evening, she mentioned while at a convenience store she ran into the owner of the junkyard that hauled her Wildcat (Sherman) off, and he made a comment about still having it. Knowing most cars get crushed within 90 days of entering the junkyard, I had next to no hopes of finding it, but nonetheless, I went to the junkyardthe next day. I talked to the owner, and he even stated it would have been crushed. He did oblige letting me look in his top lot, and I came across my parent's car!


The cars body was in much worse shape than when it was hauled off. Most of the paint was gone, and was replaced by surface rust. The trunk lock had been pried out, but all the contents of the trunk were still there. The hood was the worst off. It had plenty of rust through, so it was later replaced with another hood.



Within three days Sherman and a parts car of the same make and model were paid for. We dubbed the parts car Herman.

On May 14 2004, Joe Dean, the same man that removed the Wildcat from my parent's yard delivered it to mine. It is amazing how sometimes life runs in circles.


Below: 1998. Removed from my parents house to junkyard.


Below: May 10, 2004. Delivered to my place from junkyard.